Less Wordy Wednesday – My Fantasy Dog

I realize I haven’t talked much about how we spent the holidays, despite the fact they were the busiest we’ve had in half a decade. Even though I was anxious leading up to our trip, things were almost peaceful. The hardest part was being Shiva-less and PH-less for four whole days. Luckily, I had someone to keep me company as I suffered in the Southern Alberta sunshine.


Oops, I’m sorry. That’s myΒ dark, snow-covered yard. We’re not going to be seeing anything cheerful there for a while. Below is where I spent the period between Boxing Day and New Year’s.


Do you see that? It’s grass! Real grass! I’d almost forgotten it existed. What a difference a five hour drive makes.


Who is that adorable creature on top of the grass? That, my darlings, is my second favourite dog in the whole world. His name is Rikki and he is a ridiculously cute retrieving champ. He was also my little shadow while I stayed in my parents’ home. I won’t lie. He made up for any homesickness I may have been feeling.


Love. This. Dog. Can you blame me? I threatened to sneak him home in my pocket on several occasions. He might have fit, too.


Alas, my parents love him too much to let him go. However, I have offered my dog sitting services for the next time they travel. My fingers are crossed they will take me up on it. We already know he gets on well with the Shivster.


The Cat can just deal.

Not that Rikki is perfect. I mean, he only fetches and knows the names of all his toys and puts himself to bed at night by pulling a blanket over his head. He only is friendly with strangers and has a solid recall and sports the cutest freckles in the whole world. Who would want to live with such a beast?


I hope my sister is reading this. This is me officially calling dibs.


This is also me outside in a light sweater without a toque. In December. Magic.

18 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – My Fantasy Dog

  1. I cannot believe you saw grass. Color me jealous. Seriously. Green with envy (grass envy).
    Rikki is absolutely adorable too. OMD. Does he really do all that? The putting himself to bed part made me laugh. I would love that!


    • Hahahaha, I know, eh? It’s good to know there is such a thing somewhere in the world!

      He is pretty awesome and almost all of it he just comes by naturally. My parents lucked out with him, that’s for sure.


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