A Belated Homage to the Man Who Plays a Kickass Game of Tug

LookalikesThursday was my tolerant PH’s birthday. Even if I am atrociously late, I can’t let the date slip away without saying a little something in his honour. After almost ten years of enduring my particular form of madness, he deserves some public recognition. The only problem is, I am not a romantic. Raised by English parents, I am stiff, artless, and bumbling when it comes to gushy stuff. It feels too artificial, too… Vomit-inducing. Therefore, this homage to the forbearing man who has managed my often bizarre anxieties, not to mention those of our dog, with patience and minimal complaint, will be refreshingly mush-free.

Reasons My PH is the Best PH for Me

He allows me to fill up our DVR with the entire Harry Potter movie series. And then actually watches each film with me, in order, just because I’ve never seen them before.

He lets our dog sleep on the bed with us every night, even when she kicks.

He surrenders his time and dignity to playing Santa in a fundraise for an animal welfare organization. Two years in a row. Even after being bitten by a dog and attacked by a cat.

Shiva in lap

Despite being one of the most introverted people I’ve ever known, he lets me drag him to crowded local festivals and forces himself to have a good time.

He laughs at my dorky jokes, rolls his eyes when I try to bait him, and listens to my explanations of why Moose are mythological creatures and robots are going to take over the world with only slight exasperation.

He knows when I need a kick in the head and when I should just be left alone.

His confidence inspires and his ability to say anything to anyone constantly stuns me. Even Tugging with Sheevs at Shubiein the worst moments, he gives me faith that everything will be okay.

He is good at everything he tries but simply shakes his head when I lament my comparative lack of skill.

He knows how to argue, challenges my intellect, and isn’t scared to change his opinion when presented with new information.

He praises my culinary attempts, even when I make cheesecake soup.

He hates Will Ferrell movies and his disdain for Angelina Jolie is almost equal to my own.

He cooks me an amazing dinner every night, has contempt for bad beer, and understands my passion for cheese in all it’s varieties.

He encouraged me to start a dog blog and continues to read it every chance he gets.

001 (2)

For these reasons – and scads more – I am thrilled to get to call him my best friend. Not everyone gets to live with someone who shares so many of her likes and dislikes and who makes such an effort to interpret her foibles, including her obsession with Petfinder. He has made me a stronger person, helped me realize that maybe, just maybe, I am okay the way I am.

He has made many sacrifices over the last few years, not the least including denying himself an updated video game platform in preference for dog training classes. While I will always tease he moved us to Edmonton so we could finally afford a PS3, it is with gratitude. Even if I find myself a Playstation widow – Jodi’s words, not mine, I won’t complain. He’s earned a bit of down time.

20 thoughts on “A Belated Homage to the Man Who Plays a Kickass Game of Tug

  1. For the several years that I have been reading your blog, I am finally going to ask what PH stands for, knowing for sure that when you tell me the answer I am going to kick myself in the head!

    Happy Birthday to your PH (even though I don’t know what that means) Isn’t it great when we find someone who just gets us?!


  2. What a lovely post. It’s actually made me feel all gushy inside. I can relate to the English thing though. I’m English, and it’s bred into us from an early age that romance is VOMTASTIC. Your post, however, really made me think of my own partner and feel appreciative of him. And 10 years. Wow. What a great achievement 🙂


  3. That is so sweet. Reminds me of my husband. He’s a cat person and not only indulges me when I want to help a shelter, let’s me blog away contently, we rescued a stray together and grieved for the loss of our girl cat. It is wonderful having someone who keeps you sane, listens and gives hugs when needed.


  4. Reminds me of… well both of us. Your distain for vomit-inducing sap mirrors my own.
    And I could easily write this exact thing about the Husband: “He knows how to argue, challenges my intellect, and isn’t scared to change his opinion when presented with new information.”
    A super important and much-appreciated quality, in my opinion!

    I have a moose video I took this fall that I should share with you! Was driving along on a secondary highway just north of the city when I saw five – yes, FIVE! – of them crossing the road!


    • I could not agree more. I am constantly questioning everything, including previously held opinions, and it drives me crazy when others can’t or won’t do that.

      Sure, you did, surrrrree. 😉


  5. You are so fortunate to have found someone so perfectly suited to you. Not many are that fortunate. Definitely a keeper. I hope he enjoyed reading it as much as we did.


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