My Idea of a Morning Win

Finally! Dog blogs are legitimized! They aren’t just for odd women who get up far too early every morning and need someone to whom they can vent all of life’s frustrations.* Pet bloggers are cool people too!

At least, that’s what I thought after my first, second, and even third viewing of the below commercial. Now that I have come down from the high of temporary credibility, I am realizing this adorable television ad is not what I’d hoped. It turns out, the lyrics aren’t what I thought they were. I hate when that happens. Sometimes actually paying attention to the real words being said is such a bummer.

Before I say any more, I’ll give you a chance to understand what I am talking about.


Cute, right? I mean, she has a dog blog and everything! This is my life! I can relate!

Except for the fact that I can’t. Not really. Those bothersome things called “sexism” and “diet industrial complex” and “grammar” make it very hard to enjoy what could have been an endearing little commercial. If this is the world’s idea of a “morning win” I am worried for the future of the world. Frankly, a morning where all I eat for breakfast is a thin cookie is not one for the record books.

To ease some of my pain, I thought it would be fun to come up with my own sunrise song. I haven’t filmed a video – I am too much of a perfectionist for that – but maybe a company will hear my cry and give me the cash to do it right.

It’s worth a shot.

Here is my idea of a morning win:

I had a shower, ran the dog, took some photos for my blog, didn’t get hit on during my commute.

Bought a muffin, scored free coffee, pet a kitten, lamented hockey, impressed the boss with an argument she could not refute.

Deadlines chased, projects aced, dressed with taste, mistakes erased, and I even wrote this song!

What do you think? Sure, my version doesn’t have a fluffy poodle but it is a morning that would make me proud. 

I know, I think far too much about commercials. These things are not meant to be analyzed with half as much effort as I put in. But humour me, will you? What is your idea of a morning win?

*Please note, I describe only myself with this sentence. Most dog bloggers I know have active social lives and are not even slightly strange. In fact, they are so normal, it’s creepy. 

13 thoughts on “My Idea of a Morning Win

  1. Your version is so much better, and have you looked at one of those breakfast bars? I try not to have milk as it brings me out in spots and so looked at a pack to see if I could have those for breakfast instead of cereal – so unhealthy it made me cross!


  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had those thoughts about that commercial! I totally support a Shiva/Kristine remake of the commercial!

    Also, those bars do not look delicious.

    Morning win for me? Only hitting snooze once. End of story.


  3. Love your re-write! Fwiw, the Bel-Vita breakfast bars are actually pretty tasty; sort of like a muffin crossed with a cookie (and they come in a pack of 4.) I keep one in my purse as a low-bloodsugar snack (I’m a T1 diabetic). Extra bonus: my horse and dog both love them, so I can break a corner off of one to share.


  4. Yay for your version! Although, most women don’t eat breakfast at all–crazies–so I guess anything is better.

    I stopped getting hit on during my commute when I cut all my hair off. It was a tremendous relief, given that at the time my commute was in the car and “getting hit on” meant “truck drivers blowing the horn and waving.”


  5. Whoever said that I am “normal” doesn’t know me. LOL I certainly never claimed to be! Okay, so I don’t publish a blog post with any particular predictability. In fact, I probably haven’t posted more than two or three times in the past month and a half. But I still consider myself a pet blogger since my dogs are the only thing I normally write about.


  6. As much as I hate ads and pop culture reflecting our sexist (and racist and classist) culture, I also don’t look to them for affirmation. Some things are too important to rely on ad copy writers for.

    Especially since my childhood saw this particular ad which was supposed to affirm all the amazing talents of the modern woman:

    And I’m slowly letting go of concern about what other people think about dog blogs. Hell, I sketched out a blog post this morning that references Kierkegaard. You tell me how many other blog categories mention Danish existentialist philosophers and have audiences smart enough to get the joke. Dog bloggers rock.

    Now cat bloggers I’m not so sure about. ;p

    Kidding, I’m kidding!

    Oh, and yes, your version of the song is a definite improvement.


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