Less Wordy Wednesday: Only Love

I love this dog. It is that easy. She isn’t super smart and she ate all of my shoes, but I love her just the same.


Only love gets me up at five-thirty every morning. Only love prevents me from crying when the thing I just pulled from her mouth smells ranker than a teenaged boy’s hockey gear. Only love has me sighing and washing my hands in the snow before carrying on with our walk.


She is crazy and annoying and destructive. She makes me worry and she keeps me up at night and she gets peanut butter on my clean work pants.


She changed my life. She helped me discover a new passion. She gave me more confidence than I’ve ever felt and she taught me patience, something my mother never thought possible. She makes me a better person. She isn’t my “heart dog”, whatever that even means, but she is my first dog, and she always will be.


I feel sorry for all those people who don’t get it, who have never been lucky enough to love a dog, who treat them like disposable toys. Or worse. Dogs aren’t easy to understand and they often cause trouble. But they have so much to give. It is only our loss if we choose to ignore or shove them aside.


I love this dog. It doesn’t even matter if she loves me.

18 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday: Only Love

  1. Getting a sideways glance from people because I blog about my dogs and don’t blink at expensive vet bills isn’t uncommon. I treat this reaction with ambivalence (‘oh well, they don’t get it’), but you’re right – I should feel a little sad or sorry for them. They’re missing out!


  2. Only love could get me to stick my hand in the noshing jaws of death because I was more terrified she would eat something that would hurt her, than to pull something vile out of her mouth or risk getting bitten. And yes, I have pulled vile things from her mouth!

    I feel sad for people who have never love or been loved by a dog. It’s the best feeling in the world.


  3. I feel bad for people who don’t know what it’s like to love a dog too! There are so many studies to show how dogs add to people’s overall happiness, health and lifestyle. My life changed so much when I added my pups:)


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