Mindful Interneting: Sunday Night Reading

It has been a muffled weekend, fitting for the temperatures. I have done more reading than writing. This is how it should be, for now, and perhaps for always. There is much more illumination to be found in the words of others than in the repeated quarrels of my brain. It is hard to use my time usefully, however. There are many distractions: a phone will buzz, a rant-filled article will pop into view, judgements will be argued, dogs will bark and make me forget what it is I set out to do. Despite it all, I have been moved by the words of others during my two-day hibernation. Grateful, I want to share them, with the hope they will touch you too.


“Cemented” is a perfect word. I encased that fear and anxiety and mistrust in a concrete block and froze it there in the center of my dog-sports mind, and every time someone asked if I would be at such-and-such event, I would shake my head sadly. No, I can’t do it. Cerb can’t do it. We’re not capable.”  via Team Unruly

“This is still real life though and sometimes life is messy. Sometimes, change is thrust upon us and everyone, human and canine, just has to adjust.” via Kol’s Notes

“I often wonder what it is about language that works. I often think of how the simplest words are the loveliest words, about how much meaning rhythm carries, about how truth is the thing we crave the most.” via Beth Kephart

“While I do wish we could have normal walks where I am not scanning the horizon for other dogs, suddenly changing direction to avoid a jogger or ducking behind cars in hopes that she won’t notice the approaching cyclist, I’ve become more accepting of where we’re at right now, and where our comfort zone is.” via Rubicon Days

“In other words, the difference between a snapshot of, say, graffiti on a decaying wall, and a great photograph of the same graffiti on the decaying wall, is that in the second instance, you’ll not only see the graffiti, but you’ll get a sense of what the photographer was thinking when s/he shot it.” via Chookooloonks

But every day we continue to learn and teach and try. And she’s such a willing partner in all of this. My little hero…” via Bringing Up Bella

“But the frustrating part is that most people who are afraid of dogs, upon seeing one, proceed to behave exactly in a way that would be interesting or exciting to a dog. It doesn’t help anyone; it doesn’t help them keep dogs away and it doesn’t help dogs learn to ignore some people.”  via Back Alley Soapbox

“The message that I took from this lovely bit of serendipity was the metamorphosis — and indestructibility — of life’s infinite possibilities.” via Will My Dog Hate Me

What has inspired you this wintry weekend?

9 thoughts on “Mindful Interneting: Sunday Night Reading

    • Thank you very much for sharing your experiences in such an open way. By being so honest and heartfelt, you have enabled me, and many others, to be more vulnerable as well. I never took the time to grieve for my childhood dog, too caught up in university exams and work and all those other things that don’t matter any more. Your patience with yourself during this time is inspiring.

      Thinking of you…


  1. haha it’s not wintery here and I’ll admit I haven’t been reading much! I spent at least half the daylight hours out with one dog or another…. and we have started work on kayak training again now I have a more suitable boat for the dogs. I think Mouse is going to be fun to paddle with, just like she is fun to tow in the bike trailer. 🙂


    • That is terrific! Shiva has never loved canoeing and we have tried a few times. Good on you for taking the training seriously. I can’t wait to see the pictures of you all out on the water!


      • Hopefully we will be on the water this weekend. It’s more of a year-round pursuit here than it is in your part of the world so there should be plenty of opportunities …. I love kayaking but I do want to get the dogs out of the house as much as possible, that means including them in pretty much everything I can.


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