Feeling 32

February 18, 2014 won’t be one for the memory books. I am okay with this. I have no insightful words for myself like last year. No life lessons to share, no vows to make for the coming year. I am all out of profundity. Beyond it, in a way. There is just me, my dog across the living room on the couch, and the glass of wine I am contemplating. This is life. This is 32.

There are worse things.

Because that wine is going to go bad if I don’t drink it, I will leave you with my favourite Taylor Swift parody video. I expect I will be singing this song all night.

11 thoughts on “Feeling 32

  1. OMG! That video is soooooo you, right down to the cheese and the orange cat! I also love that it’s Taylor Swift parody as I know how much you love her. Happy Birthday! 🙂


  2. LOL!
    Happy Birthday!
    I usually find most Taylor Swift-related things insufferable, but that was hilarious.

    I know that PH renders this irrelevant, but it’s marginally related to the topic and, and these chicks are hilarious (salty language ahead):


  3. Sorry I missed your birthday! Haven’t had much time to check my emails lately. Hope you had a great day, despite “feeling 32”! Boy, oh boy, I’ll stick with being 60 and feeling 30! Of course, some days I feel more like 90, but that’s life. LOL


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