Less Wordy Wednesday: Things Overheard

“Oh, you nutter! What are you doing in the road? Don’t ya ken you’ll get hurt? Get over here you silly arse!”

I am pretty sure this woman and I are meant to be best friends. If I see her again, I am inviting her out for a beer.

Okay, maybe not. But in my mind I totally will.

Shiva Stands in Snow

“I know that dog. I know it! It’s a jack! No, a whippet! No, it’s a something that looks like a Jack and a Whippet but is something else! I know it”

It’s a Shiva. Don’t feel bad. I don’t know what she is either.

Shiva Digs in Snow

“Them dogs are always sniffin’. What do you reckon they smell?”

They smell the earth and everything beneath it. Every beetle, every worm, every speck of life, alive or dead. If you were to sit and look at this spot all day, every day for a month, you would see hundreds, if not thousands, of people, broken toys, dogs, plastic bags, cats, rabbits, food wrappers, children, leaves float, walk, slide, and prance over this pile of snow. Everything you would see in those 30 days, a dog smells in one moment.


“I really like this sweater. It makes me look like a cougar with a wine problem but I don’t care. It’s my I-don’t-give-a-damn-if-I-look-like-a-crazy-cat-lady-because-I-am-awesome-anyway sweater.”

I should have asked her where she bought it. I could use some of that attitude.

Shiva looks at snow

“When I grow up, I wanna be a puppy!”

High ambitions, little girl. Don’t we all?

11 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday: Things Overheard

  1. Oh I would totally invite her out for a beer!

    I had to tell you that I thought of you today when I was taking Leroy for a walk in the woods and I was looking at all the tracks that were left by other animals. There was one that I couldn’t make out and I personally thought it looked like a platypus foot, not that I have ever seen one, but in my mind it looked how I would imagine a platypus track to look. Turns out, after a little more investigating, it was deer hooves. Go figure πŸ™‚


  2. Brilliant, can I grow up to be a puppy?? Has anyone not had that β€œOh, you nutter! What are you doing in the road? Don’t ya ken you’ll get hurt? Get over here you silly arse!” conversation with the dog? I have numerous times!!


  3. I loved this. I often wish I’d write down the things I overhear, but then since we seldom encounter people it’s mostly the voices in my head. πŸ™‚ Occasionally they do come out on the blog and they are also amusing.

    I love your responses to them too!


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