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It may be March for the rest of the world but in Edmonton Winter has stuck in its tent pegs and is refusing to leave. Lest it give even the appearance of moving, the unfriendly season has sent us one of the coldest weeks we’ve had this year so far. It has been so frozen, my eyeballs had frostbite.

Alas, there is nothing for it but to march on. And I mean this in the literal sense. The walks Shiva and I have embarked upon lately felt much more like patrols than our favoured leisurely adventures. We are soldiers, out there to get a job done and nothing more.

The only problem with this, other than numb thighs and brittle eyelashes, is that the Sheevs still needs to be tamed. Even if it is minus ridiculous outside, her brain demands entertainment and her body craves exhaustion. Unfortunately, this also happens to be my least creative and most unmotivated time of year. The span of weeks from February to April often see me weeping into my pillow and begging for mercy. If not for Shiva’s frenzied drive for the tug toy, I don’t know how we’d make it through with our sanity intact.

As it is, I am only just attached to reality by a wayward shoelace.

Okay, that’s not true. There is something else other than my footwear – which, frankly, doesn’t even have laces – enabling me to keep my brain from cracking. The more Shiva tugs, the more relaxed she gets, and the more relaxed she gets, the more she looks like this:


Stinkin’ cute.

Shiva only rarely keeps her mouth open. I can tell she isn’t a fan of the feeling by how often she tries to correct herself when she pants. It feels strange to her, like she is leaving herself vulnerable. So when she is too tired from a frenetic game of tug to care? It is adorable. She looks like a completely different dog.


Sometimes, a little more manic than others, but this expression always makes me smile. Dogs, they remind us what is important in life. It sure as heck isn’t the weather.


What a goof. How did I ever live without her?

Shiva tongue 1

11 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – All Tongue

  1. We have similar issues in the winter. I’ve got two feet of icy snow in my backyard right now so Bella, as much as she would like to, is not allowed to run back there. Unfortunately, she doesn’t play tug either. I have found that our master bedroom is big enough for us to play chase and jump so we’ve been working on that to keep the crazy pup’s mental health in a state of equilibrium.

    Shiva is so cute, even with her mouth open. 🙂


  2. For the umpteenth time this winter I was out in my housecoat and slippers with a shovel making a space for Kita to get out the door. I give up – mother nature you win. Overnight we have been blessed with another 14 inches (40 cm) of snow and it is still coming down. I will be picturing Shiva’s smiling face when I am outside shoveling and adding to our already 5 foot tall now piles. She brightens this dismal day.


  3. Hi Kristine, it’s been odd out here on the coast too. We had snow last weekend, then the rains came in (they always come) and washed it all away. And then, it’s pretty much been raining since. So freeze your stuff off in Edmonton or be warmer (10 degrees C today) in the rain out on the coast.


  4. I wish I could send some of our 60 degree weather to you in exchange for snow in our mountains that would stop the drought we are having. But it is not to be. A weather exchange would be good for the Earth however.


  5. Tess is the same way – she very rarely pants. She looks so cute and relaxed (when the panting isn’t a result of being stressed, that is) when she’s panting from a tiring game of flirt pole or a good game of tug!


  6. Other than a couple bouts of destructiveness the dogs have adapted (mostly) to staying inside. We are expecting better weather this weekend so I hope to get them out for a bit of walking.

    Shiva is adorable to me no matter what she is doing. I am a big Shiva fan. 🙂


  7. What would we do without tug toys to tire dogs out? BD has a brilliant habit of it you cough, or laugh he goes made finds his nearest toy and throws it around giving it a right telling off until he is shattered. I must admit to occasionally false coughing so he will wear himself out a little – yes I’m cruel!!


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