I Need This Cat Bed

One of my favourite blogs these days is the brilliant and irreverent The Dog Snobs. Hilarious, fearless, and utterly without filter, I adore how they never hesitate to write what we are all thinking but are too polite to say out loud. Even when I feel insulted, I end up laughing. They leave no canine trope unanalyzed or unheckled. Even the best dog owners of the world should beware their snark.

That being said, their best feature isn’t their scathing commentary on conformation shows or dog park bullies, what I love is their weekly “WTF Wednesday” which highlights a random pet-related item for purchase. Apparently, I view it as my personal shopping network as more often than not, I fall in love with the things they mock. Such as these magnificent shoes:


That’s right, I said magnificent. I have yet to find out where they are sold but I am determined to have them. Oh yes, they will be mine.

Likewise, when my friend from Tails of Insanity texted me a photo of a cat bed she found while browsing at the mall, her horror blew right over my head. The instant I opened the picture of my phone, I knew I had found my next object of lust.

awesome cat bed

I NEED it. This isn’t even a question. Can’t you just see TC lolling about inside, batting at the pom pom eye sockets and snuggling into the mouse’s nose? I want it almost enough to ignore the fifty dollar price tag.

What is it about animal-related products that makes me coo? Why am I actually considering a paw print tattoo? Shouldn’t I be over this obsession by now?

I liken it to the way other women exclaim over teeny tiny baby shoes. Some female friends of mine can’t help but stop in the infant section of the department store, whether they have children or not, to shriek over the adorableness of corduroy overalls and baby’s first tuxedo. In my case, if I am in the kitchen section and spot a matching cookie jar and salt and pepper set that looks like this?


I am going to squeal.

Is that creepy or weird? Maybe. But I’m okay with that. As long as I get to drink my coffee out of a cat mug.

6 thoughts on “I Need This Cat Bed

  1. I think the giant mouse is actually a little creepy – it looks like you’ve knocked him out but any minute he could get up and have his revenge!!!!


  2. I have seen those shoes for sale on the internet… the site I thought they were from didn’t have them, but now I know to send you the link if i ever find them 😛

    I love the animal themed things, but fight to resist a lot of them, because I don’t have the space for any more dog beds for Gwynn to shun while sleeping with his head on my foot .


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