Less Wordy Wednesday: Savouring the Light

I don’t know about where you are but here winter has been taking its time getting the heck out. April looks very much like January. But I am so desperate for spring, even with the ground still crusted with ice, I am soaking up the signs of the greener season where I can find them. Mostly in the light.


I never would have been able to take the above photo a month ago. It was far too dark. Even though the creek bed remains icily still, there is hope.


Just look at that grass! Real grass! Sure and it’s brown but we can see it! From this part of the world, that is something to celebrate.


It is so bright, people are letting their dogs remain outside just a wee bit later. Which means I could snap this picture of our friendly neighbourhood pit bull. And I mean that sincerely. This beautiful girl was all butt wiggles and play bows when we walked by. If Shiva hadn’t been with me, I probably would have knelt to say hello.


Yes, these trees will look much fresher when they have a new spring wardrobe. Yet, I still smiled at the way they blanketed this yard. In the dark days of early March. I never even noticed them.


It may not appear so to those who live in southern climates, but in this part of the world, it is clear things are improving. When there is light, there is anticipation. Before too long, there will be leaves and pretty petals to photograph. I believe!

What do you see as a sign of spring?

12 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday: Savouring the Light

  1. I am pleased to see bright nights have the safe affect on you as they do with me – I suddenly get a little mad and want to spend all my time outside.

    Glad you can see the slow approach of spring!!


  2. Spring is already quite far along here. Still, weeks before it warmed up, I noticed that Silas was back to sunning on the patio. The light is a powerful thing.

    I’m glad you’re getting a break from the winter!


  3. We had glorious spring days in March and I wanted to plant tomatoes. Now April is cold–60 degree days and 50 nights. Glad we held off and yes, we are wimps. You didn’t need to ask.


  4. When it’s still light at 6pm or beyond, I feel like the I finally made it out of the tunnel. lol! And seeing dead brown grass is a bonus! Although in most spots we still have a foot or so of snow. Still have a ways to go.


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