Less Wordy Wednesday – Miquelon Lake

We are trying to do more with our weekends than errands and re-watching episodes of Sherlock. Now that the temperatures are habitable, we have no excuse to keep the hibernation going. Hiking is an activity that eases our sedentary guilt yet doesn’t take us too far out of our comfort zones.


Miquelon Lake Provincial Park was the perfect location for shaking out our winter bones. Less than an hour away, it is open all year round and contains several pet friendly trails of decent length.


Though the signage was excellent the trails were not well maintained, which meant we were trudging through slick snow almost the whole way. What would be an easy walk under dry circumstances, turned into a trap for weak ankles.


That didn’t stop us from having a good time. We ended up following some impressive deer tracks most of the way around the loop and Shiva had a good time filling her nose with the fresh scent.


We intend on returning once the ice has fully melted, perhaps even turn it into an overnight camping trip. But then, there are so many new parks to explore this year, I am reluctant to tie myself down just yet.


The only thing I know is, Shiva isn’t picky. Her disappointment at returning to the car was obvious. Poor little puppy. We’ll get back out there soon.


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