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For this Blog the Change for Animals event, it has gotten personal. I may have come around about this new city of mine, however, there is one area in which we will never agree: politics. More specifically, the politics around animal welfare. With rodeos being the favoured summertime entertainment and the oil sands being the province’s blood stream, it is inevitable that Alberta and I are going to clash in several intrinsic ways. No matter what the propaganda says, this is a government that puts money and economy over everything else. Forget planning for our environmental future, forget the experiences of our animals, it is all about creating jobs and putting more cash in the pockets of overpaid executives.

Sorry, I guess that wasn’t an objective statement. It is hard for me to remain neutral about an issue that has jammed itself in my cranium ever since the proposal was introduced. There is nothing about the Northern Gateway Pipeline I can support.

For starters, the threat of a gigantic disaster will always loom. The oil industry has not done much to ease my concerns in this regard. North America has seen too many spills and leaks and destructive accidents in the last decade for me to believe this pipeline is environmentally safe. On a second, more important note, have you seen the area in which the pipeline will traverse?



Frightening. How many animal habitats will be forever disrupted? How many endangered species will find their lives threatened? Creatures like the Spirit Bear and the Woodland Caribou are threatened. The invasion of construction crews will only serve to decrease their dwindling numbers.

Is it worth it? Sure, and it will make the transportation of oil much more efficient and it will create employment for a limited time. But what are the repercussions?


Town of Kitimat, BC, sounded by unique temperate rainforests


The town of Kitimat, British Columbia held a plebiscite this weekend to determine whether or not there is local support. Considering the pipeline will be intruding on these 8,335 human lives the most, it was only fair. Of course, the vote wasn’t binding and was more of an opinion poll than anything else. The company leading the proposal were not at all daunted by the negative result. As MP Nathan Cullen said, the backers of the pipeline believe the outcome of the vote shows the ignorance of the community members.

“This is deeply offensive to people,” said Cullen, in an article published by the Vancouver Sun. “Like they’re saying, ‘We’ve heard you and we’re going to ignore you.’”

This worries me. The rigorosity of this company to push their proposal through, no matter what the irreparable costs, no matter what the people want, frightens me. As in so many other initiatives, I feel helpless to prevent something that I know will have lasting impacts on us all.

Why should you care? This is in Canada, after all. It is a decision that will be made by the Canadian federal government. But I know you care about animals. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. You also can’t forget that the same people backing the Northern Gateway Pipeline are pushing for the more extensive Keystone XL, which will have even larger ramifications.

What can you do? Add your name to the petition, pledge to stand with the Yinka Dene Alliance of First Nations who has joined with other First Nations to create a connected wall of opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Share your opinion, let the Government of Canada know that this matters to you, as a member of the world community.

We may not be able to stop it, but we can’t let this destruction happen without having our say.

5 thoughts on “Blog the Change for Animals: Hold the Wall

  1. That video is brilliant and worryingly true. A brilliant post. It worries me that ‘people’ are not listened to by governments any more. It makes me feel so powerless. Especially as it would seem the people who have the power are idiots. This is not our world to destroy, we are lucky to have it and should nurture it and every living thing on it!!


  2. This is so frightening, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that there are actually people who are callous enough to argue for this pipeline, and to push it through. Disgusting. And yes, the chances are too great that there will be untold numbers of wildlife that will be adversely affected. We must speak up about it. Pray we do so with enough force that they must listen to “the people”.

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals,


  3. Frightening is definitely the right word. Thank you for highlighting this important issue for blog the change – I hope that we can make a difference!



  4. It’s funny I decided to do some blog reading catch up today and came across this, because I just attended a town meeting because of a proposal that is going to affect immediate my area…and while there I also learned they are putting a new fossil fuel based power plant in the next town over that I was ignorantly unaware of.

    Many MANY people were aware of it, however, and had come to speak up against the new facility. Each was allotted 5 mins to say their piece…but it appeared to me the town leaders were not listening at all. And when their time was up, they cut them off, mid-sentence. It was really sad. These people came in prepared, with facts and figures and pleas…yet to me it seemed the town officials already have their minds made up and only allowed the speakers as a formality. Sad.


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