Project Frustrations, among other things

So my website is down. It is a little difficult to fulfill my promise of 100 words when my preferred writing platform is having a nap. I have contacted my hosting company and they are checking into a couple things. His words. I have little expectation for my slice of the Internet to awaken before the clock strikes twelve.

Thus, I have resorted to Microsoft word. It’s a version I don’t recognize. I was conned into paying for a subscription rather than purchasing a license outright. It is too white, too clean. My easygoing nature is daunted by the starkness. No doubt there is a way to adjust the colour scheme. I don’t think it is something I should have to do. If the software mega-giant would like to encourage me to continue to pay their monthly extortion fees, they should make it more soothing. I don’t think I have been this uncomfortable while writing for a long time. Bad form.

At least I have reached my 100 words for the day, as they are. The live chat I have open with the poor bear who works for my hosting company has rung its sorrowful tune. Perhaps my website is back up. Perhaps I need another drink.

My site has been restored. I am too rattled to bother. The smoke from the forest fires and the return of the construction outside my bedroom does not help. I rated the poor bear a ten, if only to be kind. He was a little slow, after all, and didn’t answer my question about PHP. This is fine. I would not have understood the explanation anyway.

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