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The writer of this week’s poem wanted me to be clear that he wrote it in less than fifteen minutes, hence the title. He gave me permission to share it, though it took some convincing. Despite his somewhat over-confidence in all other aspects of his life, in this area it seems he is dubious of his talents. I think he is wrong and am certain you will enjoy this piece as much as I do.

In all sincerity, this may be my favourite yet. There are no fancy allegories or obscure references. It features only the simple experiences of a human and a dog. This is the kind of verse I can get behind.

Due to the poet’s reticence, I am using an approved pseudonym.

A Fifteen Minute Poem, by SabirWulf

The daily routine of coming home to a mutt
I sprint up the stairs, to let you out of your hut
Free of the crate, you run down the stair case
You have to beat me down there, like it’s some kind of race

I see you waiting, hiding behind the chair
The wagging tail over the armrest let me know you were there
You pounce towards me, mouth open in a grin
You want to tug and wrestle, this time you may finally win

The crazies soon dwindle, you are just glad that I am here
“never leave me again” you pleas “ it is my only fear”
Other than water, lawn mowers and the occasional gnome
And the stretched use of words to rhyme, in a quickly written poem

The running is done, it is time to lay near me
Tightly locked in place, despite finally being free
Some ear scratches, you want nothing more than that
Except, oh wait, I think you saw the cat

You leaps up once again, in play and in joy
He’s cute and he’s orange, and he’s your favourite toy
Until he fights back, you don’t understand that game
But even if it hurts, you want to play all the same

“I wish I wasn’t home by myself through the whole day,
But I know you have to go, at least that’s what you say.
Our daily routine, I cannot wait until when
You get home tomorrow, and we can do it all again.”

Is there a dog-related poem you enjoy? If so, I’d love to read and share it here.

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