Dog Poetry Sunday – Pollard

It has been a week full of challenges in Shiva’s House of Deluded Dreamers. Broken feet, broken websites, and broken reservations. All three have yet to be mended and the frustration levels are climbing. At least Rescued Insanity is back in action enough for me to share some happy verse with you. I will try to be grateful and enjoy the blessings I have in the moment, however short-lived they may be.

I found today’s selection on a website for children. What a chest full of fun little gems this online space is. I may be pulling from it again in the future. Like kid jokes, there is something all the more endearing about kid poems.

The below story, for it is more of a narration than it is of a poetic entreaty – the best poems are, in my opinion, features two familiar characters: a cat and a dog. They get on in an amusing way and I enjoyed the imagery of the two species singing together. Shiva and TC both vocalize but never together. Now I kind of wish they did.

Happy Sunday!

Music on All Fours, by Josephine Pollard

A Pussy-cat and a Black-and-Tan
Were shut in a room together,
And, after a season of quiet, began
To talk of the change in the weather,
And new spring fashions, and after that
They had a sort of musical chat.
Said Puss: “To me it is quite absurd—
But tastes and opinions vary;
And some have declared that no beast or bird
Can sing like the small canary,—
Who, if it be true as I’ve heard it told,
Is really worth more than its weight in gold!”

Said the Black-and-Tan, with a pensive smile:
“I’ve wanted to call attention
To this bit of scandal for quite a while,
And, if not amiss, to mention
That my daily allowance of bark and whine
Has greatly improved this voice of mine.”
“It has,” said Puss, with a comic grin;
“The words of truth you have spoken;
A name for ourselves we must strive to win
At once, now the ice is broken;
For one or two doses of catnip tea
Have had a wondrous effect on me!

“‘Twas only the other night I strayed
Where a silvery moonbeam slanted,
And gave such a beautiful serenade
You’d have thought the place enchanted.
It roused the neighborhood to a pitch
Of praise, or envy—I can’t tell which.”
Said the Black-and-Tan, “Why shouldn’t we try
To sing a duet together?”
Said the Puss, “I see no reason why
We can’t; and we’ll show them whether
To birds and bipeds alone belong
The gift of singing a pleasing song!”

They sang—and they sang; but oh, my dears!
If you had been anywhere near them,
You’d have shut your eyes and stopped your ears,
And wished that you couldn’t hear them.
‘Twas a brilliant effort, upon my word,
And nearly killed the canary-bird.
The Pussy-cat and the Black-and-Tan
With the music were so delighted,
They will give a concert as soon as they can,
And perhaps we may be invited.
“Bow-wow!” “Miaow!” I’m sorry, you know,
I’ve another engagement—and cannot go!

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