Less Wordy Wednesday – Friends from another land

While on holiday sans Shiva last week I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams.

No, I didn’t go skydiving. This was even better.

Last week, I saw this cheerful face in person:


I even got to scratch these downy ears.


These adorable little bears from Kol’s Notes hardly require an introduction. They are only the most famous Canadian dogs since the Littlest Hobo. The was a moment, when the Kolchak himself licked my hand, that I contemplated never washing it again.

Jealous yet?


Shiva should be. Now more than ever I realize how fast she would make friends with funny Koly. He is a dog after her own heart with superior begging skills. IN a way, I am relieved I couldn’t bring her along. She is bad enough as it is. Can you imagine being around this face all day?


They are every bit as sweet as they sound on the blog, and even cuter in real life. No photo can do either Kolchak or Felix justice. I feel so lucky that I finally got to meet them in person. One doesn’t run into real canine celebrities very often. Though our visit was brief, I hope one day I will be able to count them among my small group of friends.

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