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Blogging has changed a lot since I first discovered the medium in 2005. I was a receptionist for a non-profit and spent the majority of my time trying to look busy to avoid the menial tasks of envelope stuffing and pamphlet folding. I don’t remember the name of the first blog I read. I do remember imbibing it from start to finish. I was fascinated to uncover the details of another life, someone I would never meet in person but who was real, experiencing a lot of the same boredom and disconnection I felt at the time. It was better than a novel. At least, any I had read at the age of 23.

Back then, blogging to me was about authentic story-telling. I could get to know someone, gain access to their worlds, without having to endure the discomfort of small talk. To be sure it was voyeuristic. I almost never left a comment. Yet, it was also cathartic. For me and, I assumed, for them The writers weren’t sharing anything they weren’t prepared to publicize, even if there were sometimes unforeseen consequences.

The lives of other people are still interesting. I learn a lot about myself by reading the challenges and heart breaks of others. Yes, blog reading is entertainment, something to do on a rainy day. It also makes the world a little less frightening, a little more touchable, a lot more survivable. Or rather, it did for me.

However, blogs are different now. This is okay. In fact, it makes sense. As the cliché goes, change is a natural progression.

For instance, when was the last time you read a blog, like really read it, from beginning to end? Actually, when was the last time you read a whole blog article? Truly read the words. Not scrolling to the bolded text or skimming while formulating your reply or scanning for a sexy quote to share on social media or just checking out the pictures or watching fifteen seconds of a video. Read the text and enjoyed it for its own sake.

Maybe you do all the time. If so, I think you are the minority. Especially in the Petosphere.

A few weeks ago I read a book by Ruth Izeki, entitled A Tale for the Time Being. One of the protagonists is a teenager named Naoko and she shared a few opinions on blogging in her diary that struck me. You may disagree:

It made me sad when I caught myself pretending that everybody out there in cyberspace cared about what I thought, when really nobody gives a shit. And when I multiplied that sad feeling by all the millions of people in their lonely little rooms, furiously writing and posting to their lonely little pages that nobody has time to read because they’re all so busy writing and posting, it kind of broke my heart.

This is harsh, perhaps, but I think more true than I would like it to be. And part of the reason I am quitting blogging.

Blogging, pet blogging especially, is no longer about stories. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few exceptions, You might be one of them. It is not my desire to judge or offend. It is not to say that personal stories are the only purpose of a blog, because they aren’t. But they were the main draw for me, and the only thing I know how to write.

In 2015, as opposed to 2005, blogging is less about connection and more about promotion. By that I mean selling something, whether one’s own brand/products or ad space for someone else’s. In my opinion, there is less time to get to know someone, to share an authentic experience, because there is too much pressure to perform. It is hard to be real when worrying about the bottom line.

In 2015, bloggers can’t just sit down with a cup of coffee and say what’s on their mind. Each post takes hours worth of crafting to ensure SEO and brand compliance. Money needs to be spent on supplies and every word economized because no one is going to read a post that is just a bunch of letters on the screen. Photos need to be taken with fancy cameras and professional lighting. The house needs to be spotless so as not to distract from the subject in said photos.

In 2015, bloggers can’t curl up with their feed readers and giggle over someone else’s story. Commenting is only done for the purpose of increasing traffic and engagement on one’s own website. “Mark All As Read” is the standard theme. There is no time to delve into someone else’s life, to learn, to connect. Not when the optimum daily time to post is approaching and one hasn’t even come up with a topic. There is no time to share stories.

In 2015, bloggers need to be experts. They need to present themselves as the authority in their subjects. They also need to be technologically savvy and brilliant designers – or at least have the cash to pay someone else.

In 2015, bloggers don’t need to be competent writers. Since no one is reading anyway, it doesn’t matter how they say something. As long as they are willing to write a positive review of the item of the day, companies will keep paying for it.

In 2015, blogging is harder and easier than it was in 2005, depending on your perspective. Depending on your goal.

It is possible I am bitter. I must admit, I miss the time in my life when blogging was new. When I looked forward to sitting down at the computer in the belief my story might reach people, and being reached by others in return. But it all got complicated. It all became a lot of work. I knew I don’t have it in me to keep up.

These days, I get as much out of writing in my private spaces as I do out of blogging. A pen and paper doesn’t need hosting fees or knowledge of CSS, After all I went through this past fall when my hosting company kicked me out and spam monsters ate my blog, none of the stress seemed to have a point any more. It made more sense to let it go. No one was reading anyway.

Pet blogging is no longer for us amateurs. That’s totally cool. It’s kind of exciting. Pets aren’t this dorky niche that no one talks about any more. Companies are starting to take it seriously. Bloggers are finding ways to make real money. It’s fantastic. I am so glad I got to be a tiny part of the beginning.

There are no regrets. I have met some amazing people through blogging. Some of the .kindest, most authentic, most talented people in the world. I am so glad I spent the hours coming up with 902 posts on Rescued Insanity. Every second was worth it. I wish I had it in me to spend more.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have learned Shiva’s House of Deluded Dreamers has a new addition. We brought home a puppy at the start of January. Proving we are insane. I would love to write about these new struggles we are facing. I would love to seek your advice and commiseration on house training, dog-cat interactions, and how to prevent your destructo dog from eating all of your new puppy’s toys. I would love to share our failures. I would love to tell more stories. But I can’t get up the energy to start over again here. The magic is gone. The connection is lost.

My blogging days are done.

I am not sad over this as much as I thought I would be. I guess it’s no surprise.

I won’t close down the page. When I started it in 2009 the main purpose what to track Shiva’s progress. I would hate to lose that. As long as WordPress is free, I will keep this space.

If you are interested, or would just like to see some adorable puppy pictures, I will be posting on the Facebook page when I can. It won’t always be pretty and my house will probably be a mess, but I’d love to see you there. Moreover, I’d love it if you’d share your stories with me. I promise to read every word.

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  1. Wow. Where to start? I love you and wish you so much joy in whatever your future holds.

    You and Shiva opened up the world to me and Bella and you, and this blog, will always hold a special place in my heart for that. But you said so eloquently so much of what I’ve been feeling/thinking/trying to say myself for so long…

    I can’t say much more for risk of offending others but the “business” of pet blogging has alienated me from the pets and bloggers I have loved and adored.

    I will follow you anywhere and if that’s not to be here, then elsewhere it shall be. Wishing you peace….

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    • Thank you, Leslie. You know – or I hope you know – how incredibly grateful I am for your friendship. Yours and Bella’s stories have been among the most inspiring and I cannot tell you enough how much I admire you and Jan. Thank you for your support over the years. I feel so lucky to know you. If nothing else, I am so glad I decided to start this blog all those years ago because it led me to people like you.


  2. You will be missed. Even though I hardly ever had time to visit your blog (or any blog for that matter), I always liked knowing which corner of the world to find you in. I wish I had been afforded the time to follow each and every adventure you wrote about. I would have liked, and will continue to, wish I could get to know you better.

    I admit I am one of those “professional” bloggers trying to keep up with all of the skills, tactics, and best practices out there to draw more people to my blog. It’s it funny how the aim of blogging for most has grown that way but all the skills and tactics we keep up with are to chase that elusive personal connection with readers…which it sound like blogs in the beginning had.

    Blogging has changed a lot even in the 4 years I have been doing it. I started out blogging when I felt like it to share our life but now blogging IS my life. I hardly do anything anymore without thinking about the “spin” on it or documenting it in staged photos with (hopefully ) good lighting. Some things happened in the last 6 months that meant I couldn’t blog. I learned to enjoy our little adventures again just for the sake of doing them – just being in the moment with no pressure. I have lost a little bit of blogging steam since then and actually thought about what it would be like if I stopped. I am going to press on for now though.

    I’ll try to keep in touch on Facebook. Good luck with life with the new puppy.


    • Thank you, Jessica. Know that I hold nothing against you or other professional bloggers. In fact, I am in awe. I think it’s fantastic you are able to achieve what you have and I know you have done a lot to inspire owners of little dogs to challenge their preconceptions. If only one dog has a more active life because of your efforts, it is worth it. I have nothing but respect for you.

      I also want to thank you for your kindness. It was fantastic meeting you at Bark World. You were just as you seemed in your writing, full of energy and curiosity, unafraid to challenge assumptions. I am so glad I got to connect with you and will continue to follow your adventures. I wish you and your blog – and Chester and Gretel – nothing but happiness and success!


  3. Kristine, you nailed every single iota of reason for me to no longer blog or read blogs as well.

    I fell into those traps, pulled back, promised to write for me again, realized nobody gave a crap about that as they were all pitching products, and then I just stopped – without regret. I may have grown a little bitter somewhere in there, too, as my Pet Blogger Challenged sure revealed in 2012 or 2013 (or was it 2011?), but that bitterness was only at myself for allowing the evolving scene to change me.

    I, too, find more connection with my life by writing in my private journal more than in blog these days. And I’ll add that I no longer feel like my beloved animals are being exploited for the sake of brands who want to use them as a marketing vehicle. Our relationships are more genuine now, without the picture posing or reporting on every favorite taste and bowel movement. (Okay, I never went that far.)

    Good for you, drawing a line in your own sandy beach. Enjoy Shiva and that puppy and the love of living that life without having to publicly write about it, too. I’ve found that being in the moment is the best part, although I will never regret the memories I have preserved or the friends I have made through this medium. You being one of them. For that, I am very grateful. Hugs, girl.


    • Kim, I don’t even know what to say. I have always viewed you as blogging royalty and am so grateful for all of your amazing support over the years. Not only are you kind and compassionate toward all animals, you extend the same toward humans. I still want to be you when I grow up.

      I agree that life without blogging is much more free. I still do feel the need to record things, it might be the unrealized journalist in me, but it’s nice not be paralyzed each morning with the fear I won’t have anything to write about today.

      I’ve never claimed to be perfect. My pictures and videos and words are full of flaws. But that’s okay. That was me in that moment. I refuse to edit it out.

      I am so thrilled that you have moved into such exciting new projects. And am so grateful I can follow along. Thank you for reading.


  4. “My blogging days are done.

    I am not sad over this as much as I thought I would be.”

    I’m very glad to read this. I used to teach personal writing workshops with the hope of instilling in people a love of writing. And I’m glad you’ve found a way to write on your own terms.

    I will miss your stories. Some of them are among the most memorable I’ve ever read. But I look forward to keeping up with your puppy adventures on FB.

    But I can’t resist kicking back a bit against your thoughts on the pet blogging community. I met other pet bloggers who commented on my blog because they needed to get attention to their own blogs. The ones who were simply self-serving eventually faded away. But others became good friends, even when we don’t have time to check out each other’s blogs.

    It’s sort of like that old college friend you rarely talk to but when you get together it’s as if you were never apart.

    What’s changed for me is that a lot more of my readers are non-bloggers. And that is very cool to me. One of my home buyer students recently mentioned that the adoption manager at our local shelter recommended Something Wagging to him. And I thought it was very cool that I was saying something that people who didn’t care about branding or SEO or blogging found interesting enough to talk about IRL.

    I know you’ll be writing. And I hope you find lots of satisfying ways to connect with people’s stories the way you did when you first discovered blogs a decade ago.


    • Pamela, I don’t even know how to thank you for all of your kindness. But I don’t know if I need to because I do hope our friendship will last beyond the blog. Yours is a blog I still read, even if I never comment any more. Know that I am always listening and cheering for you.

      I agree with you that this is how the community used to be. Which is how I met you and many other talented people. I do feel this has changed, that the community is gone, the conversation diminished. This could just be my experience. I am very glad it isn’t yours. Something Wagging is something very special. I am so glad you are still getting so much out of it. That makes me so happy!

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I don’t just mean today. You have made a huge difference in this little world.


  5. If I thought begging on bended knee would bring back Rescued Insanity, I would do it in a heartbeat. You have the heart and soul of a writer, and worrying about SEO could only ruin that.

    My blog never was (and still isn’t) about SEO, engagement, sponsors, or anything else. When I first started, I didn’t know if I didn’t have pictures readers would quit reading half-way through a post. I’m old. To me, a blog was just a newspaper column on a computer, one over which I had total control.

    I just might have to go back to your first post and read from the beginning. Because reading your blog was always more like reading a novel than a blog. You just released it in installments, like Dickens did back in the day. So it will never get dated. It will never grow old. And your writing just got better and better over time.

    I will miss the blog. And I will always love you.


    • Okay, Lori, are you trying to make me cry? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am so honoured by your flattery. It’s kind and I know it’s honest. Even if my dang subconscious tells me otherwise.

      I will probably always find a way to put words on the page. Even if no one reads them. You have taught me it doesn’t matter.

      I do hope we’ll always be friends. Even though we’ve never met in person, I do consider you a true kindred spirit.

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  6. I have never blogged and read quite a few but only the ones I like because I go back and start at the beginning and read all the way to the present and still like the blogger. You’re on my favorites list and reading about Shiva and your adventures has been fun. I was glad to find your FB page since it has been so long since you had posted. Welcome to your new pup and I hope to keep up with her and Shiva and you there. Thanks for all you did share and sorry it has become so unrewarding. Becky


    • Becky, that touches me more than I can say. I don’t have the energy to keep up with the blogging pace but I do hope to meet you on Facebook. I’d love to get to know you and hear your story. 🙂 Thank you for reading. It means so much.


  7. Yours was always the blog I read beginning to end. I don’t disagree with one single thought you expressed. It makes me think I might be part of the dying breed.

    I’m not going to lie, I miss your thoughtful rumination a about dogs and life. I love how you write (and I don’t say that about many bloggers). I wish I were half as talented as you are when it comes to writing.
    I look forward to the pictures and anything you may share that will educate, enlighten or inspire me.
    To be honest, I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t make it official so I could just pretend you might come back some day. Instead, I accept your resignation and wish you well with paper and pen. That’s always been my preference too. 🙂
    Be well Kristine. I will miss your words and you.


    • I wish I could stick it out with you till the end, Mel. Gosh, your blog is also one I will always come back to, even if I am a silent reader. I am getting more out of listening these days and I apologise for that. I just feel there is enough talking. I am trying to learn how to absorb again. But thank you for continuing on. Thank you for contributing so much to the pet community. I know many lives have been changed because of your efforts. That’s pretty amazing right there.

      It’s not in me to write this kind of thing usually. But I guess I needed the closure. Otherwise I’d always feel the tug. And the guilt. This way maybe I can move on. I am grateful to you for reading and for sharing your thoughts over the years. I am grateful for all of your sympathy. Even if it’s the end of Rescued Insanity, it isn’t the end of our friendship.


  8. I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time, and I’m sad to see it go, but I can understand.

    I agree with some of what you’ve said and disagree with some of it. Yes, I do feel blogging has evolved. It has for me, and I do sometimes do review posts to help keep the lights on in our little corner of the world, but it’s still about storytelling for me at the core. I think everyone has to find their own balance. I think one thing for me is that I write for myself first. If other people enjoy it, that’s an added bonus. But I don’t write my blog to get lots of comments from others or get attention. I write because I want to keep the discipline of writing alive for myself and because I enjoy it. I’m sorry the magic has gone out of it for you.


  9. I disagree. I haven’t seen a much change in the blogging world (well, of course there’s change but I haven’t seen it to be as radical as you pointed it out). Of course there’s those “professional” bloggers etc. now a days, but they are just in a different league and they aren’t, in my opinion, the real bloggers. You could just ignore them. Although, I must admit that I’m not in very big blog community, never been (heck, I have only 15 readers after 4 years), and we don’t even have that kind of community in Finland, anyway (not that I know of)… I still keep the blog going on, although nobody reads it and I very rarely get a comment. I don’t post daily, I post when I have something to post about and that’s ok (even if I wouldn’t post in a whole month or so), because the blog is mostly for me (and for my mom 😀 My most faithful reader xD) and it’s wonderful if someone else finds it too. I also follow a lot of blogs. And I read each one of them. I spend an hour+ every morning to catch up what everyone has written and maybe sometimes leave a comment.
    I just can’t understand why blogging is made so serious. I have friends who stress because they haven’t written a post a long time ago, and then they just shut the blog down and maybe after few months they’ll start again, and then again they stress about it. I just don’t get it. It’s not work. It’s what you do because you like or want to do it. And you should really not think about what others think. And the blog isn’t going anywhere if you won’t post in it.
    I’m little bit sad that you stop blogging but I understand. I’m not sure if I understood all the reasons but if the blogging isn’t anymore fun for you that’s all I need to understand. Nobody doesn’t want to do anything that’s not fun. I wish you, Shiva and the new cute puppy (I’ve seen her pictures on Facebook :)) a happy days! Thank you for these years full of interesting posts! I’m going to miss you but I wish that I can catch up on you in Facebook, although, it does hide some posts most of the times (stupid Facebook).



  10. This was quite possibly the most amazing goodbye I’ve ever read. You are a fantastic writer and it’s clear you put a lot of thought into this decision. I respect that so much.

    I remember when I stumbled upon this blog. God you and Shiva cracked me up on a regular basis. I always wished I were as hilarious as you two.

    I’m excited for you begin a new chapter in your life with your new little one! But I will miss you dearly.

    Blogging has always been difficult for me, because, like you, I noticed all the promotion stuff early on… Wanted it… But not really. So I never really cared too much even though I admired those that did it. Blogging has become sporadic at best for me, and that’s okay. It makes me happy that I’m out doing what I love, out living life, raising my new pup, and figuring out my life as it is right now. It brings me so much joy that you are choosing that, too.

    Good luck with everything I know you’ll accomplish. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your life with me.


  11. Kristine, I’m writing this with tears in my eyes so please forgive any typos. I’m so happy for you, that you’re latching on to what makes you happy and are able to release yourself from what’s become a weight around your neck. And, I’m sad for me and the rest of the world, because we won’t have the opportunity to lap up the authentic and heart-rendering way you’ve translated your world into words for 902 posts. You’re such a talented writer – I hope you find another venue to share that gift, because the world will be a litter darker place without your light.

    As with so many others, I’ve gotten to know you through your blog, and come to love your quiet, thoughtful, and deeply insightful soul. Friendships that grow from such honest connections never die, and closing the chapter of your blog will only be a blip in the timeline of our relationship. I know you’ll be enjoying your life even more now, and I hope you’ll also see that the people you’ve connected with here on Rescued Insanity actually really do care about you. Be well and have fun!


  12. I am also quite sad to see you go….I am on Facebook, but due to how Facebook messes with the feeds, I don’t always get to see what others post. I will try to make a concerted effort to get to your page.

    I have always been a huge fan of your writing, you write beautifully and there have been many times that I have told you that.

    There are parts I agree with in this post wholeheartedly, and parts I don’t.

    Part of the reason why I am NOT a success (to name many reasons), is that I do NOT concern myself with SEO.

    I won’t campaign for nominations, votes, whatever (don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to win a significant award but I will no longer grovel or beg or shout “look at me, look at me!”, I used to, I got caught up in it as the vast majority of bloggers do)

    I figure if people like what I do they will nominate me on their own, I shouldn’t have to beg for nominations for anything and I no longer will.

    After trusting a few in the pet community who I thought were friends, only to be back-stabbed last May… guard is up and to say I have distanced myself from many is an understatement.

    I AM one that overall DOES read a blog post in depth, I appreciate good writing, I appreciate cute and funny videos and photos and beautiful photography.

    I also LOATHE the game of “look at me, look at me”

    Hey! At least your blog has been nominated for awards! (I mean real awards)…….you won too, didn’t you?

    Sorry I am rambling…..I feel much of what you feel but for now I am plodding on.
    I will say that things and MANY of the people in the community are more fake than I ever remembered them as being, that being said, I deeply appreciate the handful or so of those that truly care about me and what I do……….the rest? They just don’t matter.

    Wishing you the best, you are super talented. You will be greatly missed!

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  13. Although certainly not “glad” that you have decided to stop blogging, I am glad for you to have found what writing outlet works for you and makes you happy! I will miss your fantastic posts (the writing and the stories themselves) and I will definitely miss hearing about a whole new world of adventures with the puppy but absolutely understand where you are coming from!

    Rescued Insanity was really the first blog that captured me (and probably only blog to be honest) and kept me coming back–it was because of your story telling and the framework of your blog that I became an avid follower (even if not a frequent commenter). I just loved reading about the adventures of Shiva–the good, the bad, and the ugly! It was super refreshing, even from the point of view of a (former) blogger who did lots of “expert” point of view posts (along with a healthy dose of “crazy things my dogs do” type posts).

    I look forward to seeing more Shiva and puppy photos on FB! <–hint hint!

    Thanks for all the fun throughout the years!!


  14. It’s disappointing to see you leave, but I get it – even if I don’t agree with everything you’ve said. For me, blogging is just fun to chronicle Blueberry’s life – I am a total amateur at writing and especially, the blogging game. I still enjoy being a part of this community, though I agree it has changed and I am always saddened when some of my favorite bloggers no longer blog (yes, count yourself among that group). I look back on some of my older posts and those that commented and realize that so many of them are no longer around. A lot of them just sort of drifted away without a look back or a goodbye. So I am glad that you wrote this one last post.

    I no longer have a FB page and rarely try to read FB pages – even if they are accessible to those outside the “friend” circle. I found it to be even less of a way to connect with others than blogging. But I was excited to learn here that you have a new puppy – I bet that is so much fun! And challenging at the same time.

    I wish you all the best.


  15. I read this last night but needed some time to compose myself.

    And yes, like Amy I am writing through tears. I’m sad for me and your other readers, but I’m happy for you. I really am. When something we are doing ceases to bring us joy, it is time to move on. You are wise to understand that.

    For a time I was caught up in the “I need to find a sponsor, I need to make money” schtick but I’ve since given that up. Would it be nice to have some extra money? Sure. But I have ideals and right now I’m still sticking to them, I will not schlep a product without it being something I truly love. if that means I stay in the baby end of the pool, then I’ll content myself with splashing instead of swimming.

    I’ve always been a fan of yours and of course, the Tornado. Your style of writing is a thing of beauty and it touches me deeply and pushes me to be a better writer. You were the first Big Blogger to ever comment on my blog. You thanked me for a shoutout (I was still so new, I didn’t even know what that was) and I was over the moon. You’ve always been a blogging “celebrity” in my eyes and I swear if I ever meet you in person, I will be the one running towards you screaming, “Oh My God, it’s Kristine from Rescued Insanity!”

    I will follow along on Facebook in your newest venture and hope you will continue to write in some way, even if you never share it with any of us. BUT (it’s a big BUT) should you decide you wish to write or share something more detailed you are ALWAYS welcome as a Guest Blogger on Heart Like A Dog and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart.

    I wish You, your PH, Shiva and Jynx well Kristine. God speed my friend.


  16. I have always been in awe of your writing talent. I have truly enjoyed your blog. I can certainly understand letting it go however. Even if just for the time consuming aspect. I have noticed the shift in blogging toward product reviews as well. But on the days I see that pop up in someone’s blog post title, I just don’t bother to visit. Some blogs have become so commercial that I just don’t bother with them any longer. Blogging for me has never been about anything but recording the life and times of my dogs. It gives me an outlet for my dog photographs. I never was one to write much, it was more about the short quip or photo caption. It always seemed like way too much work to get all hooked in to BlogPaws, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The blog is a hobby. I’ve already got a “real” job that eats up enough of my life, I don’t want the blog doing that as well. When I keep that in mind, then I don’t feel bad for not posting when inspiration is low.

    I’m sure I’ll see you over on FaceBook. Maybe if you feel the urge, you can guest post to one of your favorite blogs. You are welcome on mine any time!

    Best Wishes!


  17. Kristine, I will miss this part of the blog world. I guess I am a reader of blogs, and have always loved your writing. All the times i have laughed out loud reading one of your posts. I will miss that. In the end, you have to do what feels right for you. One reason I rebranded was to get away from all the hub bub and expectations. I wanted to write what I wanted to write. I will see you in facebook land, but I will seriously miss your funny stories here in this space.


  18. I will miss your blog too! I’m just glad you’ll still be on Facebook! I’ve thought of going private with my blog at times, but I’d miss out on some of the online friendships I’ve been growing over the past few years. And lately I’ve been considering un-following some of the “professional” pet bloggers mostly because I rarely have any idea of what they’re talking about when they chat about SEOs, etc. And I just don’t have the time or inclination to bother with reviews. If I write about a product I like, it’s because I like it and I think others might like it, too; not because I’m getting paid to say nice things about it. So, I get what you’re saying. Yes, I’ll miss your stories; but we each have to do what is right for ourselves. I wish you all the best.


  19. I am so so sad to hear you are ‘going’ yours is one of my favourite blogs and I hang on your ever word. In fact you are one of the reasons I got into blogging – you are officially the cool whose gang I wanted to be part of, who I wanted to be able to call a friend and I thought I had to have a blog to comment and so I got me a blog!
    You are very right that blogging has changed (although I am relatively new, so shouldn’t know) to begin with I became obsessed with stats, getting stuff to review etc but slowly I have realised exactly what blogging is about and it is the community and finding a space to write – which is why it is usually pictureless and done badly as I jot down my thoughts on my lunch break!
    I am going to miss you, I will be stalking you on Facebook and really hope you won’t be a stranger! I sent you a few emails but never heard back…?!


  20. Hi Kristine,
    Sad to hear you are leaving and for what reasons. I can see and understand where you are coming from. On the other hand I am glad you found a new way. If blogging costs you that much, it is definitely not worth it.
    Before I leave here – I was also glad to hear you still “continue” on your FB page – one final attempt to maybe see it in a different angle. Close off your comment section and anything you did to promote the blog. Just write when you feel like it. Make it your own private writing space, only to be read by the worthy.


  21. I started my blog back in 2002, and was blogging before that.. back then a blog was much like a facebook page is today. It was a place you had on the internet to share your stories with others.

    I too have lamented the change in the ‘web log” from being a log/diary to a promotional platform. i have unfollowed many a blog that turned into a shill for companies. I ‘watch tv for the programming, not the commercials” if you will.

    I am hopeful that this trend will eventually die out. There is a place for promotion with in one’s personal space, but when it turns into all promotion people leave and you are promoting to no one..

    I shall continue to chronicle my cats and my foster kittens lives on my blog, and occasionally accept payment for something I think is worth while to talk about.. and I hope people will continue to enjoy it for years to come.. if not, I’ll probably still do it, because I did it for years before anyone showed up..


  22. You obviously can’t hear it, but this post inspired an array of cheers and sad noises on this side of the monitor. (Tavish can vouch for me.) I’m cheering because I think it’s amazing and brave to recognize when something is not working for you and to decide not to do it anymore. It’s brave to tell everyone how you feel and why you’ve decided to move on to the next thing. I’m cheering because I love how authentically YOU that you are, and I think it’s fantastic that you’re following your joy and not letting yourself get bogged down by trying to blog. Obviously, some sadness too as I will miss being able to stop by this space and read your brilliance – tempered by happiness that I will still get to keep up with you elsewhere. (Thank goodness!)

    It’s definitely been interesting (and sometimes disheartening) to see how the blogging thing has changed since I started. I know what you mean about the feeling of community – it felt like we were all kind of out in the woods together to start with, and conversation and community carried the day. I wonder sometimes if the evolution was inevitable. It seems like a lot of us got into blogging around the same time, and while the medium has changed, so have we. I have much less time to keep up with other blogs as I used to – which I’ve come to realize is okay. Luckily, I’ve been able to forge friendships with other bloggers outside of the four corners of my blog that go far beyond what I would have ever imagined. That’s pretty cool, in my book.

    I had an epiphany myself some time ago that I didn’t want to make money with my blog or promote anything – it was the most freeing revelation. Now, I write when I feel like it, and I write for me as a creative outlet. If I ever find that it’s becoming more of a chore than a pleasure, I hope I will have the courage to pull a Kristine. 😉


  23. I feel like we go so far back in the blogging world and for course I’m sad to see you stop but it’s for selfish reasons. I always loved reading your posts and thinking, “damn she’s good.” Your way with words is awesome and you are one of the people that kept me going with my blog. Heck, I even learned new words reading your blog 🙂 Yours is a blog that I would read and still think about what you wrote and how you wrote it as I laid in bed at night. Not in a creepy way but in learning sort of way. Your words hung on.

    I don’t know where I stand on blogging it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out for years. I love sharing my stories and pictures of the boys and I’ve met some really awesome people through blogging but sometimes it certainly does take a lot out of me.

    I’m glad this isn’t goodbye because I know where to find you!


  24. I always knew that when I came to Rescued Insanity, I’d come to a place where the post would mean something. That it wasn’t about all those things you find distasteful or upsetting about the blogging world…but you were writing observations, connected by feelings. I learned about you, your dog(s) and your outlook on life. And I always always come away from here with something to think about. That, to me, is the most important job of a blog. I totally admire you. I know we’ll stay in touch.


  25. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts and find you to be an incredibly engaging writer/blogger. However, I get where you’re coming from. As a multi-blogger, I go through some highs and lows about this weird social networking world we live in. I get burnt out and step away from all of this on a semi-regular basis, but I always come back to it….not sure why that is, but it is nice to have a space (or two) to call your own.

    I absolutely will be following your Facebook page and I can’t believe I missed the news on the addition to your family! Such a doll!


  26. Good for you Kristine! Your post really resonated with me, and no doubt many others. I’ve been expecting a flurry of blog posts with the arrival of Jynx and now I know why that hasn’t happened. Thank goodness for Facebook … although I often hate it just as much as I love it. I won’t ramble on, I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said here. Good luck and hugs to Shiva and Jynx.


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