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Over five years ago a nutty rescue dog  entered my life. From the moment I met Shiva, I didn’t think I was ready for the changes she would bring. Naturally, I let my practically husband (or, PH as he is more often known in the Petosphere) convince me to adopt her anyway.

Unsurprisingly, my first thoughts had been correct. Despite all the books I devoured before we brought her home from the shelter, we were not prepared for our new dog’s particular brand of crazy. Luckily for all of us, it turned out this wacko mutt was exactly what we needed. With the help of a wonderful trainer, truckloads of kibble, and very understanding neighbours, my dog Shiva has blossomed into one of the most special dogs I have ever known.

Does she still make my hair fall out? Definitely. But what I receive in return for every lost strand is something I never expected. There is no question I wouldn’t be the semi-sane person I am today if Shiva hadn’t come into my life at that precise time. Unbeknownst to me, I needed her help at getting me back on track far more than she needed me.

005This isn’t to say our relationship is easy. Far from it. Even after all this time we still have difficulties communicating. But that’s part of the process, I think, and part of what I love most about my life with Shiva. She has her own motivations and her own plans. More often than not, these don’t align with my own. Just when I start to relax she is there to remind me that life is a challenge and not worth living unless one embraces all it has to offer.

From the living room to the agility course to the woods outside, there is nothing Shiva does better than enthusiasm. As frustrating as this can be at times, I wouldn’t have her any other way.

22 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. Hi, Kristine:

    You know, I think my human, Jeannie needed an outlet for her…obsession (?) with all things doggy as well. Frankly, the woman knew nothing about doggies before I came into her life, so she was also hoping that starting a “dog blog” would let her tap into a global community of expertise and perspectives on dogs behavior, care and training. We really love the snowy wonderland on display in your photos, though I guess you may be sick of winter by this time in February.

    We look forward to figuring out how you got Shiva to be so very focused in your most recent training video. I can handle that level of intellectual devotion for about…what was I saying? 😉

    -Mayli the Labradane


  3. Sounds like great reasons for blogging to me. I’m glad I wandered over to your blog today to check it out. Seems interesting, (I’m a fellow rescuer of not so perfect canines), so I’ll go ahead and add you to my blog roll so I can watch Shiva’s progress.


  4. Kristine – Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad that you appreciate the GenChan ‘breed’. BOL! Actually Shiva can become an official GenChan and get her ‘papers’ one day if you wish. Reba just signed up to receive your blog and she’d sure appreciate it if you would do the same for her! We just started it 2 weeks ago so it’s a learning process.

    BTW are you a member of BlogPaws?


  5. Hi, I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi and that I loved your post on Gander! I “just” started a blog myself. Yes…another dog blog…can’t help myself. And hopefully I’ll stop boring my friends and husband too. Thanks for sharing! Now to go read more 🙂


  6. I found your blog via Donna and the Dogs blog, and so glad I followed through on the link! Anything to do with dogs inspires me!
    You have some pretty good reasons there for starting this blog, and I’m looking forward to following you and Shiva.


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  9. Searching for new dog blogs (particularly of the reactive/fearful/challenging sort) and yours is already among my favorites. Your blog design is beautiful and I look forward to following your adventures with Shiva.


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