Life List

Inspired by Mighty Girl.

  1. Foster a dog
  2. Join a goofy running event
  3. Return to Sneem
  4. Dine at a Michelin star restaurant
  5. Go back to school
  6. Wear a bikini in public
  7. Become conversant in French
  8. Ride on a zipline
  9. Learn to scuba dive
  10. Jump out of a plane
  11. Raft on the tidal bore
  12. Finish reading Ulysses and Don Quioxte
  13. Read War and Peace – Loved it!
  14. Fly first class
  15. Attend a performance of a Beethoven symphony
  16. Make a pie from scratch worth showing off
  17. Ride in a hot air balloon
  18. Learn to drive without fear
  19. Donate blood
  20. Go on a whale watching tour
  21. Craft home-made gifts for my friends and family
  22. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  23. Try 100 new things – 1. Watched a 3D movie 2. Ate a wasabi pea 3. Walked home through Shubie Park 4. Ate a whole jalapeno pepper 5. Tried a canned oyster 6. Ate at the famous Chicken Burger Restaurant 7. Tasted quince 8. Took a ride on the Harbour Hopper 9. Killed a lobster with my bare hands 10. Visited Grand Desert, NS 11. Ate fish and chips off a truck at Fisherman’s Cove 12. Navigated friends around the twisty roads of Nova Scotia during several long road trips 13. Climbed the rocks at Smuggler’s Cove 13. Visited the Grand Pré Museum 14. Watched the tidal bore come in 15. Went canoeing with my dog and husband 16. Ate at Boondocks Restaurant 17. Attended a dog agility trial 18. Took my dog to Sea View Park 19. Started a flyball class 20. Tried a donair pizza 21. Camped in Pictou County 22. Tried a real donair 23. Made angel food cake (it was a mix, shhh!) 24. Made pumpkin pie from scratch 25. Took video of Shiva chasing birds 26. Tried Muenster cheese 27. Tried a finger-hot pepper 28. Walked over MacDonald Bridge with Shiva 29. Finally watched When Harry Met Sally 30. Took my dog to get her photo taken with Santa 31. Visited the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market 32. Fell in love with quark 33. Tried Glen Breton Scotch 34. Tasted fresh honeycomb 35. Sampled mole sauce 36. Devoured grilled halloumi cheese 37. Tried foie gras 38. Was underwhelmed by black truffles 39. Made sushi at home 40. Made oatmeal from scratch 41. Splashed in mud puddles at the age of 28 42. Ate a crab cake 43. Attended Saltscapes Expo 44. Tried Gluten-Free beer 45. Changed my blog design 46. Sat at a table of strangers during a networking event 47. Explored Crystal Crescent Beach 48. Discovered the Salt Marsh Trail 49. Head-butted a Boston Terrier with the scar to prove it 50. Danced on a table 51. Tried pork belly 52. Ate at the Brooklyn Warehouse 53. Explored the sea caves at Ovens Natural Park 54. Tasted my first lobster roll 55. Walked the new trail in Bayer’s Lake and decided it was quite lame 56. Ran a full agility course 57. Participated in an agility demonstration at a dog show 58. Camped on an island 59. Figured out the coding behind social media buttons for my website 60. Ate at Boneheads BBQ 61. Enjoyed grilled eel 62. Tried Oka cheese 63. Attended Integrated Pet Health Expo 64. Tried real Caesar salad 65. Tried escargot 66. Ate at Burrito Jax 67. Ran the 5K in the Blue Nose Marathon 66. Went skating on Halifax Oval 67. Tried flying fish roe 68. Went climbing at OnTree Park 69. Camped at Scotia Pine Campground 70. Ate at Finbar’s 71. Tried Grappa 72. Tried futo maki 73. Joined an agility club 74. Attended swanky party at the Westin 75. Ate at Rudder’s Pub in Yarmouth 76. Had a scallop dinner in Digby 77. Toured Luckett Vineyards 78. Checked out Five Islands Provincial Park 79. Sat on the giant chair at Forchu Lighthouse 80. Sampled rum cake at Rumcake Factory 81. Toured the Georgia Aquarium 82. Attended BarkWorld 83. Wore a wig in public 84. Visited with Lieutenant Governor of PEI 85. Left Shiva at a kennel for two nights 86. Took The Cat on an airplane 87. Stayed in a hotel with the dog 88. Moved to Edmonton 89. Tried okonomiyaki 90. Tried kvass 91. Tasted boursin cheese 92. Brought Shiva on an overnight trip to stay with family 93. Attended a performance of the ESO 94. Found a cool bar in Lethbridge, Alberta (never thought this was possible 95. Met my sister’s boyfriend 96. Almost met Christopher Lloyd 97. Almost met Margaret Atwood and Alanis Morisette 98. Tried Lion’s Winter Ale, new favourite beer 99. Tried sqaub 100. Attended an important meeting at the Alberta Legislature
  24. Tip a restaurant server $100
  25. Live in a house with a covered porch and sit outside during a rainstorm
  26. Make at least two new things from every cookbook I own – Nippy Cheese Bread, Baked Rice Pudding, Buttercream Cupcake Frosting, Blueberry Tarts, Tiramisu Cake, Chicken Parmigiana, Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding, Chocolate Cheesecake, Mascarpone Cheesecake
  27. Raise $1,000 for a charity
  28. Get over my fear of math
  29. Fill my home with photos of friends and family
  30. Attend a book reading
  31. Compete with my dog in agility
  32. Help Shiva pass the Canine Good Neighbour test – Received 10 out of 12, June 2011
  33. Spend a night in a fancy and famous hotel
  34. Move into a house with a fenced yard
  35. Milk a cow or goat by hand
  36. Wear my pyjamas all day long during a blizzard
  37. Ride on a really big rollercoaster that goes upside down
  38. Visit Napoleon’s place of birth
  39. Spend a full day in the British Museum
  40. Pay homage to Napoleon at Leipzig
  41. Stomp grapes at a vineyard
  42. Eat sushi in Japan
  43. Play five pieces on a musical instrument
  44. Visit the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg
  45. Watch the sunrise in St. John’s, Newfoundland
  46. Visit at least one of the Canadian territories
  47. Play blackjack in Vegas
  48. Drink beer out of a giant mug at Oktoberfest
  49. Go swimming with my dog
  50. Grow my hair really long again
  51. Swim naked outdoors
  52. Have professional family photos taken
  53. Identify every country and its capital on a blank world map
  54. Cook dinner every night for a whole week
  55. Discover a form of exercise I love and look forward to practicing. (And it can’t just be walking!)
  56. Walk up and introduce myself to a perfect stranger
  57. Build a snowman in our backyard – Snow Bunny!, April 2012
  58. Return home for Christmas – December 2013
  59. Make a quilt
  60. Finally marry my husband
  61. Teach my dog ten new tricks – 1. Bow, 2. Crawl, 3. Play Dead, 4. Find her tail, 5. Wave, 6. Tilt her head, 7. Close a door, 8. Stand in a box, 9. Walk Backwards, 10. Turn in a circle while moving forward (both sides!)
  62. Teach my dog ten more tricks. 1. Jump 2. Crawl under my legs 3. Peek between my legs 4. Hide her face with her paw 5. Move backwards while sitting 6. Move backwards while laying down 7. Walkies (Perch-work) 8. Lift her bum up 9. Weave through my legs while walking 10. Pee on it
  63. Plant and maintain a wildflower garden
  64. Go ice skating on a lake
  65. Foster cats
  66. Ski a Black Diamond run
  67. Take a trip to a new place alone – Atlanta, 2012
  68. Buy a hot dog from a street vendor in New York
  69. Take a martial arts class
  70. Spend the night on a train in a sleep-car
  71. Pull all of my books out of storage and put them on shelves
  72. Shoot a gun
  73. Help run a political campaign
  74. Ride on a San Francisco street car
  75. Learn to juggle
  76. Walk down St. Catherine’s Street in Montreal
  77. Go for a drive in a ridiculously expensive sportscar
  78. Blow up a balloon
  79. Embark on a pub crawl
  80. Stand under a waterfall
  81. Go backpacking in Kejimkujik ANY National Park
  82. Buy a fish from the Seattle Fish Market
  83. Attend a music festival
  84. Become well read in classic literature 1. Vanity Fair 2. Anna Karenina 3. Lady Chatterley’s Lover 4. Middlemarch 5. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 6. The Turn of the Screw 7. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater – stopped keeping track, oops!
  85. Perform a perfect cart-wheel
  86. Take a trip with my sister
  87. Saber a bottle of Champagne
  88. Wear all the hats in my closet so that buying them wasn’t a mistake – and I want to buy more!
  89. Attend an event wearing a ridiculously large hat
  90. Cut my hair pixie-short
  91. Change a flat tire
  92. Make brioche
  93. Sing solo in public
  94. Perfect my dog’s recall
  95. Build something with power tools
  96. Teach my dog how to jump in the air and spin around at the same time
  97. Make Angel-Food cake from scratch
  98. Make a balloon animal
  99. Cheer for someone during the Pumpkin Regatta
  100. Self-host my website
  101. Get Shiva to perform a perfect handstand
  102. Earn some sort of dog training title
  103. Train a cat to walk on leash
  104. Read Moby Dick
  105. Make my own cheese
  106. Complete The 13 Project – December 2012
  107. Develop a skill that makes me proud
  108. Be brave enough to take a writing class
  109. Meet more blogging friends in person – 1. Kim Clune 2. Amy Burkert 3. Vicki Stringfellow Cook 3. Jodi Chick
  110. Finally get through all of the Harry Potter films – and read all the books, too!

16 thoughts on “Life List

  1. So. Funny story. I found out about Mighty Summit after my 28×28. And this… well THIS is an awesome ass list. Saber a champagne bottle? Sushi in Japan? Seattle Fish Market?

    Those things sound amazing and adventurous. 🙂 Great list, Kristine!


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  3. can i be the server that gets tipped $100? lol.
    cool that you have a life list (also called a bucket list, i believe?)
    makes me want one, too.
    maybe you should challenge all the dog bloggers to make one! 100 things to do while you’re still alive!


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  8. I love your list. So many things I also would love to do and a few of them that I have. It looks so much cooler written out…mine is a mental list while the written lists tend to be chores and bills. I’d definitely prefer to write down and complete a list like this!


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